How to Make money online as a freelancer

How to Make money online as a freelancer???


The world is progressing every day at a tremendous speed, the way to make money changes from day to day and you still insist that you go early to work and wait for the train or your transportation.

And when you are late for work, you are reprimanded by the employer, and if you feel bored during your work you will not be able to get Rest because you have specific rest times.

You still stick to that job through which at the end of the month you get a salary that is almost not enough for two weeks.

Of the people who have 18, 20, and 25 years old and work while they are at home, or work while they are in their university studies,

And you will not believe that they can get a monthly average income of 400 to 1000 dollars per month.

Yes 1000 dollars and not a pound or riyals or other currencies that did not become It has value in this time, ask me how these people profit simply, just by running their mind and working in a field.” Quail Lancer “, or” self – employment “,” free Lancer “.

If you heard about this word before and did not understand its meaning, or if you’re looking for another source of income, this article you care to complete it end.

What is a free lancer?

Freelancer is freelance work, you can do it while you are at home, and you are on your bed, you can work one day and get 10 days off in return.

You are your own manager, you are responsible for developing yourself and developing your product and what you offer,

Your work and the level of what you offer is Which makes you continue to work or stop, all of these things are an advantage for the smart person because he is able to develop himself and provide the best level.

As for the person who hates learning and developing his skills, he will not be able to work as a Free Lancer, and he will not continue in this field.

The way to work freely – How to Make money online as a freelancer

Freelance work or freelancer is through a number of sites specializing in that field, you create an account on any of the Freelancer sites and we will mention them at the end of the article,

And then you can provide your services that you can sell to the public for a sum of money that you Specifically, and not less than five dollars, you can sell anything.

If you are good at drawing, you can draw aboard and we will mention the most famous services that are provided on Freelancer sites.

The most popular services offered on Freelancer websites

We will offer you many services that you can sell through freelance sites, and if you do not have any of these skills, you can learn one of them and start working, and one of the most popular services that are purchased on Freelancer sites.

1- Domains of Design

Design of all kinds gets good offers if you can design a website, design an architectural drawing, design a book cover, design personal cards, design logos for some sites.

2- Photoshop

Whoever can deal with Photoshop professionally can provide many distinguished services and get a good financial reward through designing images for T-shirts, or 3D model design and other uses.

3- Writing

If you can type quickly on the keyboard, you can provide this service by writing articles and books for a number of dollars that you specify.

4- Translation

If you are good at translating books and articles, then you will get many job requests. Everyone wants to translate research and articles accurately, and if you can translate well, you will get a large number of requests.

5- Programming

Most of the things that are available on freelance sites are things related to the field of programming.

If you are a skilled programmer, you can work on Freelancer sites by developing sites, making and selling templates, running WordPress, applications for mobile phones, and others.

6 – Acoustics

You can make audio files, or music lessons, or add some effects to the sound.

7- Business Business

You can sell business management consultancy, provide legal advice, financial advice, and others.

8 – Other works

Anything you can sell, and I found things that are very simple and have no value, but many are eager to buy them, for example.

  • Imitate the voice of a famous star in your name for $5.
  • Provide tips for raising your children for $5.
  • I will write you a CV – CV for $5.
  • And many things similar to those things and indeed these services are being sold in large numbers.

The strangest service I’ve seen on Freelancer sites

To know that anyone can work in the field of Free Lancer as soon as he can make his mind work intelligently.
I found a person selling a strange service on Freelancer sites,

Which is to photograph your name next to the pyramids for five dollars, and many foreigners send their names to get the service.

So this person collects the names every day and goes to the pyramids and takes a picture of the name next to the pyramids and gets money (money from the air).

Advantages of freelancing – free lancer

  1. You are your own boss.
  2. can work anywhere and anytime.
  3. You do not find anyone controlling you.
  4. Great financial return.
  5. You can deal with people from all countries of the world while you are in your home.

Disadvantages of freelancing – free lancer

The only drawback in this area is that you need to be very patient at the beginning,

because you will present your product and no one will find someone to buy it because you are still new and not a reliable source.

But you will still search for a customer, and you will change the product that you offer, and you will work hard in the beginning until you get The trust of the site, and the trust of the people who buy your services.

And the more stars you have, the more work you have, the more requests you have, the work requires effort and effort in the beginning only.

How to Make money online as a freelancer, the best freelancing sites

You will find it more difficult during your start,

because you will be in fierce competition with the Indians and Pakistanis,

and they provide cheap services and are good at their work.

And you also need to take tests in order to get a promotion on the site.


are a leading site in this field and a huge number of operations and services have been accomplished on a daily basis.


Many users prefer to deal with this site because it is easy to deal with and the presence of specializations in it,

and the more you pass a number of tests, the more qualified and approved the site becomes.


which is a similar site to the Fiverr website. In fact, Fiverr is taken as a name and form from this website.


Find great talent. Build your business.
Take your career to the next level.

How to Make money online as a freelancer

Freelancing is a very wide field in the world of the Internet, and still, there is more and more about how to get money online as a freelancer.

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